Automatic Pneumatic Hopper Loader

.....The reliable one!

  • Efficient, economical air power
  • Fully automatic
  • No motor, brushes or flapper
  • Mounts directly on feed throat or hopper
  • Inexpensive automotive air filter
  • Standard low level alarm
  • Loads up to 300 lb/hr
  • Adjustable material level control

The AUTOHOPPER is a reliable, PLC controlled pneumatic hopper loader designed to mount directly on the feed throat of a molding machine. It can also be directly mounted on a dryer, color feeder, hopper or other auxiliary equipment.

The AUTOHOPPER can load up to 300lb/hr of virgin, regrind, additives or color concentrate to ensure a constant, reliable supply of material. Best of all - since it is powered by inexpensive compressed air - it will never experience expensive downtime associated with motors, brushes, clogged air filters or fussy flapper valves, boots and micro switches. Fully gasketed, it is clean and dust free when operating. The loading process is initiated by a signal from a proximity switch in the hopper and regulated by an adjustable PLC controller. Material is conveyed by injecting compressed air through the bottom of the stainless steel pickup tube. This positive air flow pushes material up the flexible material hose and into the hopper. The air is exhausted via an inexpensive automotive air filter in the hopper lid. Cyclonic action in the hopper settles fines and dust; reducing clogging and extending filters life.

The AUTOHOPPER/2 is a ratio loader with all of the features of the standard AUTOHOPPER. It can load two different materials such as virgin and regrind in adjustable proportions. The ratio is adjusted by a digital thumb wheel switch on the control box with increments from 1% to 99%. For added flexibility; a two position switch permits the operator to select single or ratio mode. Controlled pulsing between the two pickup wands plus the cyclone effect guarantee good mixing and eliminates layering.

The AUTOHOPPER is made from aluminum with rolled edges on the hopper and lid. This makes it strong, yet light-weight for easy installation and handling. The lid and filter are attached by manual spring clips that make cleaning or material changes easy. Material and air hoses are fitted with quick connect couplers for operator convenience. A powder coat finish eliminates any chance that corrosion or rust that could contaminate material.




Depth including control box18"
Weight (empty)20 lbs25 lbs
Outlet diameter2.0"
Capacity0.6cu. ft.
Base5" by 5"
Mounting holes4" by 4" - 5/16" dia.
Electrical120 VAC 1 amp.
Air required80 - 120 psi.
Air consumption during operation12 SCFM
Loading rate (virgin PS)12 lb/m to 8' vertical
Filter8.25"od x 6.5" id. X 3/25 h.