The Smartfill can work with a 50 gallon drum or 5 gallon pail. Cost effective version of the Autofill. The Smartfill is a low level coolant alarm and automatic fill shut off.

With the Smartfill system you get
  • 1 Solenoid Controlled Mixer for a mobile coolant barrel or pail per shop.
  • 1 control box for each of machine in your facility.

While it's not a fully automatic mixing and filling setup, it serves as an audible warning when your coolant is low. When it is time to fill, you simply roll over your barrel, or bucket with our solenoid controlled mixer and plug it into the control box, turn on the water, push the red start button, and go back to work. It works on the same premise as our AutoFill. Less downtime, less tool destruction, less overfills, and less environmental impact.

Already have a mixer? Talk to us about options to get you set up with the Smartfill! We can supply you with a valve, and control units.
Uses - CNC Mills, CNC Lathes, Manual Mills, Manual Lathes, Bandsaws.